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Teaching for Wisdom

Teaching for Wisdom Developing Character in the Classroom Are you interested in education and how kids learn? Have you considered how wisdom is taught in [...]

Virtue and the Good Life

Virtue and the Good Life Collective Reflection on a Well-Lived Life Description: Virtue and the Good Life is a yearlong, interdisciplinary program that provides a selective [...]

Scholars in Ethics and Medicine

Scholars in Ethics and Medicine General Description: Scholars in Ethics and Medicine is a yearlong, certificate-granting program that gives a small cohort of students the [...]


2017-2018 Courses

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2017-2018 FOR-CREDIT COURSES Spring Practical reason can be distinguished from theoretical or speculative reason in many ways. Traditionally, some philosophers have distinguished the two by [...]


Cinema and Despair

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Cinema and Despair HPI Character and Action Seminar Led by Prof. Dan Morgan (bio)   Description Robert Bresson is best known for his “transcendental film style” [...]

"Even now, in an age not much given to mysticism, there are people who ask 'What is the meaning of life?' Not a few of them make the simple…assumption that there is something to be known here….. And most of those same people make the equally unguarded assumption that the whole issue of life's meaning presupposes some positive answer to the question whether it can be plainly and straightforwardly true that this or that thing or activity or pursuit is good, has value, or is worth something. Finally…they suppose that questions like that of life's meaning must be among the central questions of moral philosophy."

David Wiggins, Truth, Invention, and the Meaning of Life," in Needs, Values, Truth (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998), p. 87