Scholars in Ethics and Medicine

General Description:
SEM (formerly known as the Emerging Scholars Cohort in Bioethics) is a yearlong, certificate-granting program that gives a small cohort of students the opportunity to work closely with exemplar physician-scholars and medical ethicists. Through participation in a series of seminars, students and program leaders will together reflect on the traits that define being a good health care clinician, understood to imply more than mere technical competence or skill. Additional program activities will provide participants the space to engage casually and meaningfully with role-models at various stages of their clinical career.

Each year, SEM’s programming will be organized around a theme emphasizing a specific aspect of good clinicians. The theme for 2018-2018 is: Virtue, Wisdom, and the Practice of Medicine. Learn more about the 2018-19 program here.

Program Leaders:

  • Lauris Kaldjian, MD, PhD, University of Iowa, Co-Director
  • Mike Hawking, MD, MSc, University of Chicago, Co-Director
  • John Yoon, MD, University of Chicago, Senior Advisor
  • Cassandra Oehler, MD, University of Chicago, Mentor
  • Andrew Oehler, MD, University of Chicago, Mentor
  • Elizabeth Tung, MD, University of Chicago, Mentor
For more information, please email Zack Loveless: zloveless@hydeparkinstitute.org.

Testimonials from the 2017-18 Program