Ethics with Anscombe

Course Description:

Elizabeth Anscombe has deeply influenced moral philosophy since the publication of her book Intention and the article “Modern Moral Philosophy.” The rise of contemporary Virtue Ethics is only one indication of this influence; and the important themes addressed in those writings are only some among a great many topics raised and absorbingly discussed in Anscombe’s work on ethics and matters moral. This class is intended to track and discuss the most central issues she brings to our attention in her uniquely original and searching way.It covers both questions in the area of “meta-ethics” and the discussion of basic moral standards, including topics such as, teleological and psychological foundations; kinds and sources of practical necessity; the importance of truth; practical reasoning; morally relevant action descriptions; intention and consequence; “linguistically created” institutions; knowledge and certainty in moral matters; upbringing versus conscience; sex and marriage; war and murder; human’s spiritual nature.

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