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Character and Action Mini-Seminars

The seminars offered in this series have a special focus on moral dimensions of human life and the role of good character in navigating these dimensions well. Participants [...]

HPI Scholars in Ethics and Medicine

Scholars in Ethics and Medicine General Description: SEM is a yearlong, certificate-granting program that gives a small cohort of students the opportunity to work closely with exemplar-physician [...]

CMPP Course 2018: The Challenges of the Good Physician

The Challenges of the “Good Physician”: Virtue Ethics, Clinical Wisdom, and Character Resilience in Medicine CCTS 21005 Course Description: This multi-disciplinary course draws insights from medicine, sociology, [...]

Paul Marushka

As Sphera’s founding President and CEO, Paul Marushka is responsible for providing overall strategic leadership for the company in developing, directing and implementing go-to- market, service, product and operational plans. [...]

Candace Vogler

Candace Vogler is a Senior Faculty Advisor for the Hyde Park Institute. She is the Chair of Virtue Theory for the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham and [...]

CMPP Course 2017: Ethics with Anscombe

Ethics with Anscombe Course Description: Elizabeth Anscombe has deeply influenced moral philosophy since the publication of her book Intention and the article “Modern Moral Philosophy.” The rise of contemporary Virtue [...]

Virtues Close to Our Heart

Virtues Close to Our Heart: Non-Cardinal Virtues in Literature and Film HPI Character and Action Seminar led by Thomas Pavel (bio) Description:     [...]

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