The Emerging Scholars Cohort (ESC) will be composed 15-20 students selected from pre-med undergraduates, medical students, and other health professional students. Members of the ESC will interact with leading practitioners and scholars in the fields of medicine, sociology, moral psychology, ethics and theology through seminars and lecture series to explore answers to the unique challenges that medicine faces in the context of late modernity. The central question is: How does one become a “good physician” in an era of growing moral pluralism and health care complexity? Students will engage relevant literature from across these disciplines to address issues regarding the legitimate goals of medicine, medical professionalism, the clinician-patient relationship, vocation and calling, the role of religion in medicine, and character development in medical education.
The ESC is coordinated by Dr. John Yoon and Dr. Michael Hawking .

Fall Events for 2017-2018 ESC

• Kickoff Lecture:
Speaker: Dr. Abraham Nussbaum
Topic: Medicine as a Vocation

• Two-Day Seminar
Speakers: Dr. Farr Curlin and Professor Christopher Tollefson
Topic: Natural Law and Bioethics: A Critical Introduction

Contact Person

Contact person: Zachary Loveless,